Here is 2016

Well in this last week of 2015, the have not been that much publication and the list of links is shorter than usual. Everybody is probably just having a life for a change, which is a good things :)

There is a lot of promising trends that may unleash in the coming year. I hope to see what ruby 3 will bring. Rails 5 is already almost out there too. But there is some interesting move on the side of Elixir as well, even if it’s still very young and hacky in my opinion.

On the frontend side, there is that big news that was announced last year, with Microsoft ditching IE old versions officially on january 12, it will be on tuesday next week. IE 11 would become the only supported version. A bold but welcome move. Maybe it will help adoption of JS recent native APIs. I suspect that if IE dies, jquery will not make any sense anymore as the JS stack will be more consistent then. But maybe I’m wrong, that’s just an intuition. And the end of support doesn’t mean there will be an instant extinction of old IEs, it may still take some more time.

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