SlackCast 2016

Happy end of 2015

Take good time, use the calendar rotation as a pretext to have good resolutions, get wasted like if you were a teenager (wait, what? we all are teenagers here?), or do whatever makes you happy if like me you prefer to remain sober. See you in 2016.

SlackCast 2016

We had a lot of discussion with Nauman Tariq about how to make slack usage more lively, more useful, and such things. We worked together on a concept of event that we want to try next weekend. It will happen next Saturday (Jan 2nd) around 23:00 UTC (more or less 4 hours). If you want to participate, please shoot me an email, and we’ll give you the precise time when we know it, plus the how-to-join-in. It will be a first time, it won’t be perfect, but it will be a lot of fun.

Read more about it on the SlackCast manifesto. You also can join rubyonrails.link, that’s where it will happen.

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