150 weeks

It’s kind of a round number, this 150th edition of the Green Ruby Newsletter is an occasion to see where we are. At this day there are 1,610 subscribers to the email newsletter. The website has around 250 unique visits per day, which mostly are RSS readers. Those are anecdotal numbers. As we have no intention to monetize this initiative, it doesn’t matter that much. Soon we will enter in the red zone in the amount of subscribers and we will need to push some people out, those who forgot about the newsletter but also forgot to unsubscribe. It will happen when we reach 1,800 (because Mailchimp is still free under 2,000 subscribers).

During the whole life of the publication, we never missed one week. Last week, thanks to Xenor, I even could have some rest. Now I’m better, flu never last. We also have, for a couple of months, much more links contributions (thanks Nauman Tariq). All in all, our model seems to have been pretty sustainable.

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