Meet at rubyconf

Next friday we will be at rubyconf Taiwan. Last year there was around 300 attendees and there is 256 this year. But maybe there will be more last minute registration, there is still some spots available (well just 14 at this time). I will also be at the pre-conf evening on wednesday. Good time to meet if you are in Taiwan (we have 37 subscribers there).

Some stats on greenruby

From time to time I check an export of the subscribers list and do some stats out of curiosity. As of today there are 1466 subscribers, and more than half in the US (844) all the rest are in 88 other countries (most in India, UK, France and Taiwan, in that order). In the US most people are from New-York, just a little more than Los Angeles, and Monticello in Kentucky. I wonder what there is so special in that city of less than 10k people. Maybe that’s a geo-location glitch? If not, please someone tell me what there is in that small and probably nice city. But if I had to bet, I would put my money on the glitch.

Every week there is a small number of new subscribers, especially during summer. But if you don’t really read or if you don’t care that much, please unsubscribe. I will certainly have to do some invitation to unsubscribe when we will reach around 2000, because mailchimp if free of charge only under that limit.

There are also a lot of unaccounted subscribers to the RSS feed, which is the most popular page on the website. But I don’t use feedburner or any kind of tracking so I don’t really know. And I kind of like it that way.

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