Moving to Hugo

As I love website pre-generation concept I have been using Jekyll and Octopress quite a lot. But now I wanted to give a try to Hugo.

Also, I have had various spaces of blogging in the past few years, so I thought I should just recenter everything in a unique place. There was an old blog on tumblr because I wanted to see how it was made. Then I had a period of time where I was publishing tips on the Faria Devtips website, which is down now. Then I also publish some rants every week on the Greenruby newsletter.

Only the last on is still active, so I will cross-post things from there to here, which should not be too hard as they are both markdown.

The first impression of Hugo is that there are still a lot of small weird things. But in some ways, I’m kind of happy about it, I guess I will try to fix some of those, that will be an occasion to play a little with golang.

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