Just met Hugo

Some weeks ago I was talking about Octopress. I think pre-generation of websites is a very sensible approach. And I heard about Hugo for some time now. It’s like a cousin of Jekyll but writen in Go. The author of Middleman (another site generation engine) confessed in a recent podcast that he would try the Golang way if he had to start from scratch today.

I got interested into Hugo mostly because one of the side projects I’m working on. It involves a bunch of people that run on windows. Having a binary that runs everywhere is a big plus for a gGo solution. Installing ruby is possible on windows, but not really for noobs afaict.

Also, I want to check more Go projects. I have been playing in and out that language for a while now. Version 1.5 seems really great. So I upgraded my gvm and installed the thing. Well, I could havce just used the Hugo binary, but where is the fun in that?

My first impression is very comfortable. It took a lot of the principles form Jekyll. But it seems to have some extra options and concepts that may be a little more advanced and seem very promising. The theming system is especially cool. I will probably first port my own blog under Hugo before porting my other project.

As a matter of fact, that’s a while I’m considering that I never feed my blog, but I should copy the rants I write here in there. It can be fun to add a rake task in the greenruby publication process to also add a page in a nearby hugo repo and publish it at the same time.

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