RubyConf Taiwan 2015

In September 11 and 12 there is a Rubyconf here in Taiwan. I have been at some past editions and it’s always a good time to meet people. Because we are close to Japan there is usually pretty good ruby core contributors from there. We get to see Matz, father of ruby, at each edition. But this time it seems that the organizers pulled some kind of special trick and the famous Aaron Patterson will be present. And I remember having heard Sarah Allen on rubyrogues last year, it is the first time she joins us in Taiwan too. I think both of them will bring some unique taste to this years rubyconf.

If you looked for an occasion to visit Taiwan, that may be the right time. You won’t regret it. The ruby community in Taiwan is quite active and Taiwanese people are amazingly welcoming to westerners.

And, if you want to meet the 3 of us, we will all be there. Look around for Xenor and Tysliu, the famous editors of the Green Ruby newsletter. They tirelessly collect links and news, fresh from the week, about ruby and other things. And if you see someone with a Gandi T-Shirt, that will probably be me. We probably will distribute some green ruby stickers that I still have in stock. So then we can make new ones.

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