Back on tweeting

I really don’t like my phone. As an old timer I’m reluctant to trust my android, but it would be the same on an iphone. The way applications require access to the device, on android, is especially annoying and dishonest. They make the slope slippery for the sake of saving seconds in adopting new apps, but it’s leading to a total remission of users control over their devices.

But well, I still have a commute several times a week and I use my phone to listen to various podcasts. But I recently configured some accounts and some news readers, so I also can just do some links curation along the way. So I suspect there will be more tweeting on the greenrubist account from now on. It helps quite a lot when I want to gather links on every sundays.

Well, nowadays, most of the links are actually gathered by xenor and tysliu, but I always add a few on my own (especially the devops ones). Those 2 guys are really doing an amazing demonstration of consistency. After 129 editions, we still didn’t miss a single one week in our publication. It would not have been possible without my buddies. Thanks so much for their contribution.

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