Welcome Jessie

Ok, right. Maybe you don’t care, but this saturday Jessie was officially released. It’s the next stable version of debian, version 8.0, and it’s great that it finally got out. Debian release cycles are certainly not as fast as Ubuntu, but the stuff in there is more stable. And well, in my personal case, I work in a place where everything is in debian wheezy and can now finally get upgraded.

Actually I have been using Ubuntu on my desktop for some time. The reason was that I wanted to be able to help people to transition to linux, without being overloaded with support. So I had to know how ubuntu work. But last year I switched back to the original debian and I have been pretty happy about that. There is less cruft and opinionated choices (no freaking unity as a default window manager). And it’s pretty straightfoward in the install process. I suspect even non-techies could give it a try (I know some that did).

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