Drones and makers

This is now obvious. We are going to get invaded by drones. Of course we will pretend we control them, for a while. But I can bet it’s not going to stand too long. Their autonomy is a competitive factor, and, in our current society, competitive is the Darwinian selective factor. It can be a bit scary.

But on another hand, when we geeks look at those things with our (never-aging) kids eyes, we see fun toys. Look at the B Flying car. We can do them ourselves. Like we were able to tinker with the first computers, the first radio stations. But now we have 3D printing. Yet not that affordable, but it seems to get better. There is also that creepy 3Doodler thingie, and various other new techniques.

Maybe the Makers movement is the hope for humanity. Reclaim the daily small things! Check that instructable website it’s a lot of fun.

Well yeah this all has nothing to do with webdev. Except from the fact that open standards made possible to people like me to do the web myself. After a time, it became a professional activity. Will we get professional makers in the future and see a revival of craftsmanship? I really wonder.

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