Working abroad

Our craft as webdev is clearly in huge demand. This provides an opportunity for us to travel abroad, discover new cultures, widen our horizon. When I went to live in Taiwan, I was not worried about finding a job. But when hunting for a job abroad it can be tricky to find companies that will sponsor a visa, a work permit, or whatever legal requirement is involved in each countries.

That’s what the new initiative called TechMeAbroad aims to fix, by listing only job opportunities for which a work permit is sponsored. As Julien Barbier explains, it will launch in march, and if you know of any job offers that includes a visa or such thing, please let him know (or send it to me I will pass it along), so we can feed that platform with some real data quickly.

So long ruby 1.9

As planned, it’s now time to say byebye to ruby 1.9.3. But there is still so many old version of ruby in the wild. In debian squeeze, you gotta use 1.8. In wheezy, you have 1.9. And there are still many servers that will refuse to upgrade.

Pick your hero

The registration for Ruby Heroes 2015 is now open. Go vote for your favorite ruby influential dev. You have until railsconf that will happen in april, in Atlanta this year.

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