Happy year of the Goat

Here it was Chinese New Year this week. A good occasion for those who are not familiar with chinese state of the web to read about its web design trends 2015. This article is pretty deep and reflects accurately how China uses its connectivity.

So, xin nian kuai le, and of course, gong xi fa cai. And if you need related icons, here are some.

Hello in Firefox

Now that I’m working from Taiwan with a French company, I was have been searching for a decent solution for video conferencing. Because skype and google-hangouts are just not things I like to use. I found out that new versions of firefox include by default a one to one webrtc feature, named Hello. It works pretty nicely. I also tried out Glideroom and Hutt. There are also heavier solutions that I tried in the past like the big blue button.

Unfortunately some dude in the ops team pointed out that webrtc was not secure, so it’s not likely to become a standard for us. Hrum, well, that’s debatable how proprietary solutions are more secure. There is no way to get it figured out. Anyways Webrtc became a w3c standard recently, and the section 12, named security, says: TBD. Let’s hope it will be done properly.

Any of you have some first hand experience with any alternative video conference system, please send me a mail with your feedback.

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