Geeky podcasts

Sometimes when doing some mechanical operation on my home workstation, involving repetitive action or something requiring low level of attention (like sorting mails, lurking on irc, updating a distro, …), I like to put the headset and listen to stuff. But I never had any taste for music, I prefer listening to people that talk about some interesting topic.

I began this when starting working with rails, because that was a great flow of information, that had various sources:

All was good and then I checked out podcast clients for my environment (linux with ubuntu) and I found out http://gpodder.net which is exactly the kind of software I like. I does not much but what it does is well done. The website is a nice optional addition, only focused on podcasts and has a nice simple design and is free.

apt-get install gpodder

Then I discovered a few other podcasts for hackers, or oriented towards science and knowledge. And I removed the rss feed I had in my thunderbird for listening to some French-speaking radio shows (like la-bas si j’y suis).

The website makes possible to publish your subscription list, here is my list of very geeky selection:

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