Busy hackathon in Taipei

This weekend we had our first hackathon in Taipei, organized by Gandi. That was pretty fun, to be there on the side of the organizers without actually being in charge of the organization for once. Such geek events are always so great for meeting and sharing, being forbidden to participate didn’t prevent me to push some ideas around.

During the course of the weekend, I joined mickey to push the creation of a Taiwan group for Elixir, for which we had an idea of a stream capture feature to gather slack discussion and index them. I also had an idea of event for FreeBSD portscamp with marcelo, so we made a FreeBSD Taiwan group on github as well (with a pretty neat logo). All this was actually not that much related to the hackathon but just emerging from natural proximity with other geeks.

Check my photos on flickr.


A Hackathon in Taipei

In 2 weeks Gandi organizes with .taipei registry a Hackhaton with pretty wide topic. It will be at at the Hi-tech Promotion Center in Taipei on December 5 and 6. I will be there (part of the jury), so if you want to have some week-end fun and are in Taipei at that time, feel free to join in. There will be prizes, free domains and hosting. I would love to see some ruby projects there.